Bonafide Software delivers beyond expectation
We provide the certainty that your policies and communications are delivered instantly and professionally throughout your business.

Benefits of Bonafide Software

Knowing that all staff in a business are reading from the same page is crucial. Find out how Bonafide Software can help you to be certain...

Save you time and save you money

Bonafide Software provides an online management and communication tool that supports efficient business process. We assist businesses to better manage and communicate with their staff. We provide flexibility and scale-ability so you can choose the solution that best suits you.

Reach the right people at the right time

Modern businesses are often dispersed, both geographically and hierarchically making effective, targeted communication difficult. The highly flexible permissions structure and the ability to set start and finish date of items within Bonafide Software makes targeting specific users a simple process, ensuring that your communications are timely and effective.

Don’t be RED, be certain

Our unique traffic light system provides a clear and succinct way for staff and managers to track the view, acceptance and acknowledgment of key items within Bonafide Software. Ensuring that your staff are up to date and your managers are confident in their people means that you can be certain about your business.

Automated approval and workflow

Ensuring that your documents and communications are verified before release is critical; Bonafide Software values this belief. By using our detailed, customisable and user friendly approval process for the creation of item within the system you can have the peace of mind that nothing will slip through the cracks.

Confirm your communications

For growing businesses confirming the receipt of communications is vital. Having confirmation that what needs to be known is known offers you and your business protection and confidence. Bonafide Software provides the certainty that communications are received and confirmed, streamlining your business processes.

Putting you in control

Bonafide Software provides multiple service levels ranging from small business through to enterprise level. This flexibility allows your Bonafide Software solution to scale as your business grows.

Committed to support

Listening to our customers is paramount at Bonafide Software. Either for bugs, features or just help using our system, we are committed to listening and responding in a timely, personable manner – it’s that simple.

  1. We allow you to be certain that important documents and communications have been read by staff and managers.
  2. We provide the ‘communication confirmation’ tools that deliver clarity to your staff.
  3. We save you valuable time and considerable money.
  4. Our products can give you added protection from litigation.
  5. We simplify the communication management of your business.
  1. We take care of the important verifiable details that are essential in every business.
  2. By reducing the emphasis on administration, we make managers more effective and reduce stress.
  3. We provide an effective way to manage growing regulatory requirements.
  4. Our products are leading edge and at the forefront of business management software.
  5. We pride ourselves on delivering secure and trusted software solutions.

Our promise to our clients

Bonafide Software’s purpose is to make a positive impact on our client’s business. We value your business as our own, and we strive to ensure every interaction is genuine and reflects our personality. Our clients have the right to expect the best possible service from us – be it online, on the phone or in person. Our clear aim is to build a lifelong relationship and we know we have to continually perform to retain that privilege. We encourage, value and welcome opinions and feedback.

Our Customers